Battle Royale Finally Gets Good! Apex Legends Is A Homerun!!

The fad of battle royales has taken over pretty much all of online gaming in the past couple years. I’ve tried almost all of them, and never found one that caught my attention. Until now. The pedigree of Respawn is strong out of the gate. From the creators who redefined shooters with the Modern Warfare chapter of Call of Duty to the stellar franchise Titanfall.

The setup of the squad of three is perfect when playing with friends or with a random team who can cooperate. You’ll need this formula to gel and survive to make it to champion. Combat is fast and hard and can come at a moment’s notice. There are 8 Legends total so far, each with their own unique skills that help your team fight to the top. A good team will learn how to use a balance of combat and support characters.

The map is well balanced with open areas and frantic chokepoints. Areas are interesting and different contained on one wide map. Dropping in is either risky for high loot areas or safe and well paced for less attractive starting points, though, it’s never a guarantee that you won’t be desperate for a gun ASAP, wherever you drop.

The most addictive aspect of the game beside winning is……LOOT!! Loot is everywhere. Weapons, armor, attachments,skill boosts and more are littered all over. The most rewarding is usually from care packages or the corpse boxes left from fallen players. Scoring a kill and seeing a golden death box is always a thrill.

Download this free game on your PS4, X-Box One, or PC today!!!!!

Apex Legends is made by Respawn Entertainment.

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