H1Z1 Game Review

As the Battle Royale movement in games continues to gain ground,for me, one in particular has grabbed my attention.  Standing out as my go to royale game is H1Z1. While the game has been available on other formats, the launch on the PS4 has became a regular place for me when playing games.

While the cartoonish approach of Fortnite didn’t do much for me as a player, the grounded and tense presentation of H1Z1 instantly got my attention. The arenas are balanced well between realistic clusters of buildings, suburbs, and abandoned camp sites blend seamlessly with stretches of treacherous open ground providing a variety of strategies. Strategies that need to be fluid and changeable at a moments notice.

The ever encroaching fog wall and air drops keep the dynamic changing as the round winds up and intensifies. They can be used to your advantage, or, spell your doom. The fog pushes players closer and closer together ultimately leading to a frantic close quarters firefight. The supply drops provide better and better equipment such as weapons and armor, while leaving you open and exposed. It’s a gamble with definite payoff.

Weapons and supplies are seemingly plentiful, yet, everyone who needs them are also trying to kill you at first glance. There’s always that rush when you first drop in to the map to find weapons and items as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than dropping in too far from anything and getting gunned down or run over completely unarmed.

Speaking of getting run over, the fully drivable vehicles are an extra layer of strategy and mobility. From 4 wheelers, to trucks, to cop cars with full working lights and sirens, vehicles are almost a necessity. Making a quick escape from a firefight, outrunning the fog, and running players caught out  in the open will more than help you get closer to that coveted last man standing victory.

If you like co-op or squad gaming H1Z1 has you covered as well. Game modes two’s and five’s bring a team aspect to the winner take all format. With full voice chat in game, it’s a blast to link up with friends and take the fight to everyone in your way. Strategy and survival are seemingly easier when you can work with other players watching each other’s backs and sharing resources.

The graphics and sound are exactly what they need to be. Realistic and grounded, helping to sell the core of what this game is about. Headphones are recommended as you can hear footsteps, vehicles approaching,  and guns reloading near you. Knowing where your enemy is or where they are going is important to survival.

At the entry level of free this game is a no brainer and should be a definite addition to your game library.

Detective Comics 983 Review

Comic writer extraordinaire and friend of the podcast Bryan Edward Hill had his Batman debut this week with Detective Comics # 983.

It’s the first of a 5 part story arc that promises to test the Caped Crusader as well as the Bat Family including a freshly recruited Black Lightning. Along with an appearance by Martian Manhunter and mention of the Justice League, this promises to be a big story in the DC Universe.

Bryan Hill’s opening salvo hits hard and fast within the first few pages. Mixing tense action with multiple characters, while incorporating groundwork dialogue and foreshadowing with normal Gothamites talking about the mythos and pop culture effect of Batman.

Black Lightning is amazing as always and his incorporation into this chapter of Batman’s universe leaves you wanting more. Combining these two vigilantes together should prove to be a dynamic mix.

A shadowy villain remains ominously close and present without tipping their hand too early. First descending on Duke Thomas (The Signal) with a chilling declaration and a devastating attack, to leaving Bruce a chilling message that resonated with me, the stage is set for a story that will push Batman and the Bat Family into dark waters.

The artwork by Miguel Mendonca is gorgeously engaging and conveys perfectly the atmosphere and action that makes Batman one of the best heroes and Gotham one of the most beautiful playgrounds in comics.

Personally, I loved the idea put forth about heroes becoming famous to the point of losing their “edge” and being seen as less than frightening to villains. It was a beautiful cherry of thought on this most recommended and excellent issue of Detective Comics.

On a side note, Bryan’s thought on the heroes we love and read is one that should be embraced by the world at large. They are heroes for a reason. We love them for being such. Find ways in your everyday life to exemplify the character and values of those heroes. Be compassionate, be strong, stand for those who can’t, fight for what is right. In short, Be Like Batman.

Make sure to get your hands and eyes on this issue. It’s a can’t miss opening to what promises to be an engaging and intense chapter in Batman’s mythology.