Wolverton Thief of Impossible Objects Review

This gem arrived in the mail yesterday. There’s nothing better than getting a comic book out of the blue, like a surprise Christmas present. I’ve read this twice already since then. Original books are where it’s at for me these days. We are living in a glorious time where most of the gates and barriers have been removed. Indie books and creator owned media are giving us access to things to watch and read like never before. It’s truly a wonderful time to be a nerd.

So, Wolverton graced my mailbox thanks to the talented writer behind this charming thief and his first harrowing chapter. The book itself is gorgeous and the art style is instantly engaging. On the level with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but, with it’s own life and style. The sets and scenes beautifully rendered and unique. The action and direction are easy to follow. My personal favorite is the double splash page.

The writing matches the art and brings a charm that ties both elements of the book together perfectly. I personally couldn’t help but hear Cary Elwes’s voice while reading Wolverton’s charming and witty banter and inner monologue.

The story weaves magic and science together set in a romantic era. A family pledge to right a wrong sworn for generations. Romance, conspiracies, and a world at the brink of war are all alluded to in this first peek behind the curtain of the universe that’s been created for us.

Issue 2 honestly can’t come fast enough. Who are the Golden Dawn? What’s Gray’s role? Will Isa help Wolverton or leave him heartbroken and needing a new source of help? Just what power does the Hope Diamond really hold? These are questions I eagerly await the answers to. Get your hands on Wolverton Thief of Impossible Objects issue 1 and find out along with me.

Congratulations to the talented crew behind this truly beautiful first chapter.

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