Hey guys! It’s been a while. Wanted to tell you about a new upcoming comic book title Demi-God! Brought to us by the collective genius and talent of Ron Marz and Andy Smith! Put out by their company Ominous Press.

I was given the chance to read the first issue early this week and I can assure you, you’ve gotta get your hands on this when it hits stores in March. As if that’s not enough there’s a Kickstarter for an oversized Graphic Novel. The oversizing is not an understatement. The book will be larger than a traditional comic with awesome bonus features.

The story itself is a funny and engaging new take on the “superhero”. Old world Gods meets modern day loser to create a new type of hero. Andy Smith’s art jumps off the page and Ron Marz’s dialogue is hilarious. Anyone who can appreciate fourth wall antics and self-deprecating humor will be pulled right in. A sign of a good book is when you hate reaching the last page. That was definitely my experience with this opening issue.

You can find the creators online on Facebook and Twitter. The Ominous Press website has a market built in where you can preorder upcoming titles like Demi-God and also get issues and graphic novels for their other titles. I highly recommend Dread Gods on top of the upcoming Demi-God.

You can become a backer for the Kickstarter here:

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