Wonder Woman tops the DCEU

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I was going to see this movie no matter what personally. Today, however, I got to watch it in an unexpectedly beautiful way. Through the eyes of my 10 year old daughter. Finding the feminist movement a little too shrill and militant for my taste it was wonderful to see female empowerment done so beautifully. Readers should know that I’m the only male in my house, so, the feminist comment isn’t a knock against women at all. My wife is the strongest most kickass woman I know, and she doesn’t want to be affiliated with them either.

Director Patty Jenkins has directed a masterpiece, and I daresay, the best best live action DC movie to date. My daughter was riveted and the scenes of a young Diana resonated far better with her than any Disney princess. Her smile while watching the young version of our hero train and mimic the Amazonians fighting was priceless. She was able to see herself in a young Diana. Channeling an almost inner hero waiting to emerge inside herself. Rarely is she this engaged in a movie.

Seeing a fully grown and ready to take on the world, literally, she was able to see someone to truly admire and emulate. More than any celebrity or pop star, she found a truly worthy woman to be inspired by in that theater. She kept bumping my arm and just smiling over and over again. She brought her Wonder Woman action figure with her to the movie and more than once pantomimed Diana on screen. I got a little choked up seeing her for the first time find a hero as I did as a child of the same age. Only this time it a hero for her. Not a super powered guy to crush on, or a secondary female character. Wonder Woman was hers and hers alone. It was beautiful.

The characters are all well represented. Steve Trevor was written perfectly. His heroism was his own and was never overshadowing of Wonder Woman or diminished by her either. A truly exemplary example of men and women working together. I myself am the Steve Trevor to my wife, and yes, she is the superhero in our family as well. The action is perfectly choreographed and the overall arc is engaging. The cinematography is breathtakingly executed and is worthy of an Oscsar.

Gal Gadot was the best part of Batman V Superman and she delivers even more this go round. Aside from her beauty, a more believable woman to step into those boots would be undoubtedly impossible to find. Her real world combat experience only lends itself to the character. Her grace on screen is magnetic, and you find yourself involuntarily following every emotion she goes through in this first foray into our broken world. She is truly the Wonder Woman we’ve been waiting our whole lives to see.

Lucy Davis as Etta is an utter delight. Her wit and ability to take charge, shine through in a world still very much dominated my men. Her quips are truly funny and she brings a smile to your face every moment she’s on screen. Watching her take inspiration from the brashness of Diana is really inspiring. You can see a strong woman overlooked in her time period begin to stand on her own. A perfect homage to the women of the era who finally stood up and said enough to real patriarchy.

All this aside, it truly was amazing to watch this movie for myself, and more so to watch my young daughter. It was truly eye opening for her. Women can be strong and gentle. They can be assertive and brash without being shrill and off putting. They can stand on their own without being standoffish. Beauty and strength radiate from inside without being overly confrontational.

Thank you Patty for making a movie that should define the entire tone and direction of the DCEU. You are truly a gifted director and you’ve given us the gift of a masterpiece to enjoy.

Thank you Gal for showing my daughter a hero to look up to. Thank you for showing her the Wonder Woman she can grow up to be.

Thank you Lucy Davis for showing my daughter a real woman who can stand up in a world of men without super powers.

Thank you ladies, you’ve made a great movie, and more than this, you made a 10 year old girl’s dream come true today. You are all truly Wonder Women.

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