War…war never changes…

There are iconic characters in gaming. There are iconic levels and worlds to explore. Then there’s the Fallout universe. What started as an engaging point and click RPG, became one of the most immersive self narrating open world experiences available to date. Who remembers that first exit from Vault 101? 

Seeing a decimated American landscape both familiar and alien is truly breathtaking. Being completely free to explore these expansive maps is filled with possibilities, Bethesda does not slouch in offering up a plethora of random encounters and side quests to flesh out their reality.

There are too many random and quirky characters to dive in too deep here. Just know that they do make it interesting. From the news updates of Three Dog, to Wayne Newton, to the unconfident quips of a DJ in Boston the radio in your Pip-Boy layers nostalgic Americana in your ears, albeit, with a limited track listing. 

Several factions overlap in each iteration of this ruined world. Some outright evil and some live in more of a gray area, depending on your point of view. 


Murderous scavengers really only good for mowing down and looting. They tend to travel in groups. They are ruthless. Their dialogue is colorful and stupid at the same time. 


Like the name implies these human traffickers are only good for looting once put down like animals.

Feral Ghouls

Though there are some who’ve maintained their sanity and try to live productive post war lives, most are basically shuffling corpses. Fallout 4 really improved this Fallout mainstay, making them more dangerous and disgusting than ever before.


Though they don’t play much of a part outside of Fallout 3 this faction isn’t one to be trifled with. Vying for control opposite the Brotherhood of Steel, this group uses Power Armor and a bevy of energy weapons. Hard to go against, fun to loot. 

Brotherhood of Steel

The most iconic Fallout character in the universe. A paladin in his armor strikes an imposing figure. This group believes it’s cause is just. While seeming benevolent they usually use hardline tactics and violence when push comes to shove. Though in this hard world, who doesn’t? They do seem to be the most noble organization across the different games.

The Institute

Spoken of in hushed tones and theoretic implications in earlier games, Fallout 4 brought you face to face with this mysterious entity. Whether you agreed with them or not, this storyline holds a heck of a surprise for the player. Super advanced and hidden away the Institute is a fun place to spend some time in. No spoilers!

The Railroad 

This group only has good intentions. They work to help Synths fully escape the Institute. Filled with side quests and quirky characters, if you can find them and join them it’s definitely worth your time.

There are several more settlements and people to run into throughout your time in any of the sandboxes Bethesda has created. It’s too much to cover in one article, and somethings should be left to be discovered.

The play style is either first person or a more clumsy third person. The menus are easy to navigate. The map is well detailed, and the fast travel is a life saver.

I have sunk so many hours into each serving of this franchise I may need help! This is one of my favorite franchises and I find myself to the Wasteland again and again. It’s a truly amazing experience and this current generation’s offering in Fallout 4 quickly became my favorite. 

The improved graphics, customization, and settlement building placed it in a class by itself regarding RPG’s. Once again Bethesda stuffed it to the gills with interesting characters and a boatload of content. If you’ve played them all or haven’t dipped a toe into this deep, deep pond come on into the Wasteland. You’ll be glad you did!

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